The Daniel Fast: Preventive Healing (Fasting Edition #46)

03 Jul

Our fasting devotional today is titled “THE DANIEL FAST: PREVENTIVE HEALING” from Dr. Elmer L. Towns in his book “Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough”.

God has promised, “Is not this the fast that I have chosen…[that] your healing shall spring forth speedily”. When we begin fasting and praying for physical health and healing, we must realize that it is God who heals. His name Jehovah Rapha means, “I am the Lord who heals you”.

We enter the Daniel Fast for two physical reasons: (1) as therapy when we are sick and need healing, or (2) as prevention to keep us from becoming sick or getting a disease.

In the setting of Exodus 15, the Lord was promising preventive healing. He promised His divine protection to keep his people from becoming sick, rather than just “prescriptive” healing—removing an illness from them. Exodus 15:26 says, “If you obey me by doing right and by following my laws and teachings, I won’t punish you with the diseases I sent on the Egyptians”.

Preventive medicine is like the mother who gives her children vitamins and bundles them in warm clothing before sending them off to school in the snow. Curative medicine is like putting the children to bed, providing medicine and rest.

An example of God’s preventive healing power is the Old Testament law prohibiting eating blood and animal fat in Leviticus 3:17. Recent medical research seems to show that bacteria and disease reside primarily in blood and fat. God wanted his people to enjoy good health.

We also know that despite the way rich food and desserts pander to our tastes, they aren’t the best for our health. The Daniel Fast withholds extra rich foods such as “finger food,” “party food” and desserts. Those who enter the Daniel Fast eat only necessities to (1) cleanse the digestive system, (2) rest the body and (3) renew the system.

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