The Daniel Fast: God Can Heal Through Fasting (Fasting Edition #48)

05 Jul

Our fasting quote of encouragement today is from James I. Packer. He said: “We tend to think of fasting as going without food. But we can fast from anything. If we love music and decide to miss a concert in order to spend time with God, that is fasting. It is helpful to think of the parallel of human friendship. When friends need to be together, they will cancel all other activities in order to make that possible. There’s nothing magical about fasting. It’s just one way of telling God that your priority at that moment is to be alone with him, sorting out whatever is necessary, and you have cancelled the meal, party, concert, or whatever else you had planned to do in order to fulfil that priority.”

Our fasting devotional today is titled “THE DANIEL FAST: GOD CAN HEAL THROUGH FASTING” from Dr. Elmer L. Towns in his book “Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough”.

God has placed within every physical body the ability to heal itself. Technically, doctors, surgical procedures and medicine do not heal people. In the study of pathology, we see that disease and germs cause illness in the human body. When the doctor, surgery or medicine removes the cause of the disease, then the body will heal itself.

God has given each of us a wonderful physical body that He calls in 1 Corinthians 6:19, “the temple of the Holy Spirit.” Every normal person is born with internal mechanisms whereby the body reproduces itself and heals itself. When a person eats a proper diet, at the proper time, in the proper way, that person will have a healthy body if disease or other physical barriers to health are not present.

A correct diet will make you healthy because you are what you eat. The Bible is neither a health book nor a diet book; however, it gives principles that can help you enjoy good health. Eat unhealthy food and you will be sick or sickly. Eat the correct food and you will normally enjoy good health.

Fasting is one discipline that will improve your health. Fasting’s physical benefits include eliminating impurities, and resting the physical system so that its functions may begin balancing themselves.

The Daniel Fast may be preventive (joined with the John the Baptist Fast), keeping us from disease. Or it can be curative, moving God to intervene as the Great Physician if we already have a disease. God’s promise in Exodus 15:26 is “I am the Lord [Jehovah Rapha] who heals you” includes both preventative and curative action. As you pray for good health, the Daniel Fast allows God to restore or maintain your body’s health.

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