How to Finish Your Fast in a Healthy Way, Part 2 (Fasting Edition #101)

Our fasting quote of encouragement today is from Cindy Ross. She said: “When the ‘fires’ in your life seem to get worse the more you try to put them out, you are dealing with a spiritual problem. Fasting in addition to prayer raises the battleground to where it really counts in the spiritual realm.”

Our fasting devotional today is titled “HOW TO FINISH YOUR FAST IN A HEALTHY WAY” (PART 2) from Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ.

If you end your fast gradually, the beneficial physical and spiritual effects will linger for days. But if you rush into solid foods, you may lose much of your deep sense of peace and experience physical problems such as diarrhea, sickness, fainting, and frankly even death in some cases, due to shock!

Dr. Paul Bragg and his daughter Patricia have conducted fasting clinics for many years. Their book, The Miracle of Fasting, gives a specific daily food plan for breaking a 7-day fast that could be adapted and stretched out over several more days for a 40-day fast.

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