Fasting as an Expression of Dissatisfied Contentment (Fasting Edition #164)

28 Oct

Our fasting quote of encouragement today is from David Brainerd. He said: “When I return home, and give myself to meditation, prayer, and fasting, a new scene opens, and my soul longs for mortification, self-denial, humility, and divorcement from all the things of the world. I have nothing to do with earth, but only labor in it honestly for God. I do not desire to live one minute for anything which earth can afford.”

Our fasting devotional today is titled “FASTING AS AN EXPRESSION OF DISSATISFIED CONTENTMENT” from John Piper, author of the bestselling book “A Hunger for God: Desiring God through Fasting and Prayer”.

As an act of faith, Christian fasting is an expression of dissatisfied contentment in the all-sufficiency of Christ. It is an expression of secure and happy longing for the all-satisfying fullness of Christ. Christian fasting does not tremble in the hope of earning anything from Christ. It looks away from itself to the final payment of Calvary for every blessing it will ever receive. Christian fasting is not self-wrought discipline that tries to deserve more from God. It is a hunger for God awakened by the taste of God freely given in the gospel.

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