The Sin of Prayerlessness, Part 2 (The Prayer Motivator Devotional #471)

18 Mar

Our prayer motivator verse for today is Romans 8:26, which reads: “Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.”

Allow me to share with you some important points regarding this verse from Matthew Henry’s Commentary:

Though the infirmities of Christians are many and great, so that they would be overpowered if left to themselves, yet the Holy Spirit supports them. The Spirit, as an enlightening Spirit, teaches us what to pray for; as a sanctifying Spirit, works and stirs up praying graces; as a comforting Spirit, silences our fears, and helps us over all discouragements. The Holy Spirit is the spring of all desires toward God, which are often more than words can utter. The Spirit who searches the hearts, can perceive the mind and will of the spirit, the renewed mind, and advocates his cause. The Spirit makes intercession to God, and the enemy prevails not.

My personal encouragement to you today is this: Here are 4 ways to pray for others from Dr. J. Gordon Henry — 1. Ask that the person have the mind of Christ. 2. Ask that the person grow daily in Christ-like maturity. 3. Ask that the person put on the full armor of God. 4. Ask that the person be alert to Satan’s strategy.

Our prayer motivator quote today is from Brother Lawrence. He said: “One way to recollect the mind easily in the time of prayer, and preserve it more in tranquillity, is not to let it wander too far at other times. You should keep it strictly in the presence of God; and being accustomed to think of Him often, you will find it easy to keep your mind calm in the time of prayer, or at least to recall it from its wanderings.”

Our prayer motivator devotional today is part 2 of a new series titled “THE SIN OF PRAYERLESSNESS” from Dr. John R. Rice.

My greatest sin, and yours, is prayerlessness. My failures are all prayer failures. The lack of souls saved in my ministry is primarily because of a lack of prayer, not because of a lack of preaching. The withering away of joy in my heart, sometimes, is the fruit of prayerlessness. My indecision, my lack of wisdom, my lack of guidance comes directly out of my prayerlessness. All the times I have fallen into sin, have failed in my duties, have been bereft of power, or disconsolate for lack of comfort, I can charge to the sin of prayerlessness. Oh! horrible sin, the lack of prayer!

What is wrong with the churches is a lack of true prayer. What is wrong with preachers is this same sin. What is wrong with the pew is still that blighting sin of prayerlessness. For every sin, every failure, every lack, God had a remedy and cure if we had sufficiently and effectually prayed.

+ Plus, listen to Andrae Courch singing “Pray”

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