Praying With Purpose, Part 6 (TPMD Bus 2 – #600)

15 Nov

TODAY’S POEM: “Christian, Dost Thou See?” by John M. Neale.

Our prayer motivator passage from the Word of God today is II Kings 20:1-5.

Our prayer motivator quote today is from R.C. Sproul. He said: “Prayer does change things, all kinds of things. But the most important thing it changes is us. As we engage in this communion with God more deeply and come to know the One with whom we are speaking more intimately, that growing knowledge of God reveals to us all the more brilliantly who we are and our need to change in conformity to Him. Prayer changes us profoundly.”

My personal encouragement for you today is this: Nothing will make the devil pay attention to you more than prayer. He will fight you tooth and nail to keep you from your prayer time with God. Please understand that prayer is warfare. Contrary to what people will try to tell you, prayer is never easy, but it is tremendously helpful and rewarding.

Our prayer motivator devotional today is titled “PRAYING WITH PURPOSE” part 6 from the book, “Purpose in Prayer” by E.M. Bounds.

Praying men are the men that have done so much for God in the past. They are the ones who have won the victories for God, and spoiled His foes. They are the ones who have set up His Kingdom in the very camps of His enemies. There are no other conditions of success in this day. The twentieth century has no relief statute to suspend the necessity or force of prayer—no substitute by which its gracious ends can be secured. We are shut up to this, praying hands only can build for God. They are God’s mighty ones on earth, His master-builders. They may be destitute of all else, but with the wrestlings and prevailings of a simple-hearted faith they are mighty, the mightiest for God. Church leaders may be gifted in all else, but without this greatest of gifts they are as Samson shorn of his locks, or as the Temple without the Divine presence or the Divine glory, and on whose altars the heavenly flame has died.

The only protection and rescue from worldliness lie in our intense and radical spirituality; and our only hope for the existence and maintenance of this high, saving spirituality, under God, is in the purest and most aggressive leadership—a leadership that knows the secret power of prayer, the sign by which the Church has conquered, and that has conscience, conviction, and courage to hold true to her symbols, true to her traditions, and true to the hidings of her power. We need this prayerful leadership; we must have it, that by the perfection and beauty of its holiness, by the strength and elevation of its faith, by the potency and pressure of its prayers, by the authority and spotlessness of its example, by the fire and contagion of its zeal, by the singularity, sublimity, and unworldliness of its piety, it may influence God and hold and mould the Church to its heavenly pattern.

MUSICAL SELECTION: “Praying for You” by The Katinas

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