The Hindrances to True Prayer, Part 11 (TPMD Bus 2 – #626)

04 Mar

TODAY’S POEM: “Dear Lord, We Pray” by Mary Willcox

Our prayer motivator passage from the Word of God today is Job 22:27 which reads: “Thou shalt make thy prayer unto him, and he shall hear thee, and thou shalt pay thy vows.”

Our featured prayer motivator quote is from David A. Bednar. He said: “Prayer becomes more meaningful as we counsel with the Lord in all of our doings, as we express heartfelt gratitude, and as we pray for others.”

My personal encouragement for you today is this: Here are 4 more ways to pray for other people: 1. Ask that the person have the mind of Christ. 2. Ask that the person grow daily in Christ-like maturity. 3. Ask that the person put on the full armor of God. 4. Ask that the person be alert to Satan’s strategy.

Our prayer motivator devotional today is titled “THE HINDRANCES TO TRUE PRAYER” part 11 from the book, “Purpose in Prayer” by E.M. Bounds.

“The two great evils—not asking, and asking in a wrong way. Perhaps the greater evil is wrong asking, for it has in it the show of duty done, of praying when there has been no praying—a deceit, a fraud, a sham. The times of the most praying are not really the times of the best praying. The Pharisees prayed much, but they were actuated by vanity; their praying was the symbol of their hypocrisy by which they made God’s house of prayer a den of robbers. Theirs was praying on state occasions—mechanical, perfunctory, professional, beautiful in words, fragrant in sentiment, well ordered, well received by the ears that heard, but utterly devoid of every element of real prayer…”

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